Australian Goalball Championships

2017 - Victoria, October 4th to 7th

The 37th Australian Goalball Championships (as known as GoalballinMelbourne17 (GM17)) will be hosted by the Victorian Goalball Association.

The venue will be the Trinity Grammar School in Hawthorn, Victoria.


2016 - New South Wales, September 29th to 3rd October

Held by Goalball NSW, at The Kings School, North Parramatta, NSW.


WINNERS / Runners Up

Men's - Queensland / New South Wales

Women's - New South Wales Royal / Queensland

Youth - New South Wales Royal / South Australia

Junior - Victoria / New South Wales


2015 - Queensland, October 1st - 4th

Hosted by Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association.

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WINNERS / Runners Up

Men's - Western Australia / Victoria

Women's - Queensland / New South Wales

Youth - New South Wales / Western Australia

Junior - Western Australia / New South Wales


2014 - Adelaide, October 2nd - 5th

WINNERS / Runners Up

Men's - New South Wales / Queensland

Women's - New South Wales / South Australia

Youth - New South Wales / Queensland

Junior - South Australia / New South Wales


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