Australian Goalball Championships

2018 - Western Australia, October 4th to 7th

The 38th Australian Goalball Championships will be hosted by Goalball Western Australia. More information to come.


2017 - Victoria, October 4th to 7th

The 37th Australian Goalball Championships (known as GoalballinMelbourne17 (GM17)) was hosted by the Victorian Goalball Association.


WINNERS / Runners Up

Men's - Queensland / Western Australia

Women's - Queensland / New South Wales

Youth - South Australia / Victoria

Junior - New South Wales / Queensland


2016 - New South Wales, September 29th to 3rd October

Held by Goalball NSW, at The Kings School, North Parramatta, NSW.


WINNERS / Runners Up

Men's - Queensland / New South Wales

Women's - New South Wales Royal / Queensland

Youth - New South Wales Royal / South Australia

Junior - Victoria / New South Wales


2015 - Queensland, October 1st - 4th

Hosted by Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association.

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WINNERS / Runners Up

Men's - Western Australia / Victoria

Women's - Queensland / New South Wales

Youth - New South Wales / Western Australia

Junior - Western Australia / New South Wales


2014 - Adelaide, October 2nd - 5th

WINNERS / Runners Up

Men's - New South Wales / Queensland

Women's - New South Wales / South Australia

Youth - New South Wales / Queensland

Junior - South Australia / New South Wales


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